Last year uber-analyst Esteban Kolsky and I did a research project to better understand cloud computing’s uptake […]

General Electric Corporation’s announcement that it was moving its headquarters to Boston is big news for Boston […]

I spent part of last week listening to presentations about the customer of the future and of […]

I’ve been trying to analyze modern rewards programs and customer loyalty recently for a project. It’s a […]

My favorite Boston FM radio DJ back in the day was Charles Laquidara who would end his […]

There’s always a humorism about Santa, stockings and year-end funding news but I am tired of them […]

In an unmistakable sign of the times, Salesforce announced today that it bought 40 megawatts of a […]

Forbes has an interesting post by Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora and one of the leaders of […]